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•   John Reppert  7/20
•   George W Schneider  7/22
•   Elizabeth Jane Dunivent (Zacharias)  8/2


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Paxton Community High School
Class Of 1968




   In Memory

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In Memory or Obits of Loved Ones


Gregory Weller, husband of Pam (Marshall) Weller


Frederick Manzke, father of Linda Yearsley

Mary Ann Miller, mother of Kathy Cearlock

Timothy J. Phillips, former classmate


Steve Reitz

Beverly Griswold, mother of Dave Griswold



Robert Moore



Robert Fulling, Our Civics Teacher

Carol Ostendorf, mother of Hope (Ostendorf) Miller

Margaret Teesdale, mother of Cindy Hotler

Ted Polson

Steve Earley

Diane (Burklund) Woller



Arlene Phillilps Ogle, mother of Gregg Phillips

Harry Swenson, music teacher

Debbie (Peters) Foster



Wendell Frette, father of Nancy (Frette) Dooley

Rodney Bixby

Tim Moore, brother of Robert Moore



John Miller, father of Kathy (MIller) Cerlock

Bertha Kief, mother of Sandy (Kief) Sparr

Brian K. Grady, son of Sandy (Swanstrom) Grady

Lois Frette, mother of Nancy (Frette) Dooley

Clifford Polson, brother of Ted Poslon



Lou Rodeen, mother of Becky (Rodeen) Prina

Lois Parsons, mother of Mark Parsons

Melissa Kellerhals, daughter of Linda (Schmidt) Kellerhals

Mildred Eppelheimer, mother of Gene Eppelheimer

Joanne Swanson, mother of Diane (Swanson) Gagnon



Louise Geers, mother of Joe Geers

Wickie Roy, brother of Karren (Roy) Bussey

Virginia Quinter, mother of Deborah (Quinter) Burklund

Darrell Lee, brother of Bill Lee

Ann Lindauer, mother of Patty (Lindauer) Hufmeyer

Kitty (Larson) Anderson

Victoria Stuckey, mother of Anne (Stuckey) Alt

"Bones" Ogle, father of Jeff Ogle, step-father of Gregg Phillips

Mark Rodeen, father of Becky (Rodeen) Prina



Marie Ann Fairchild, mother of Rick Fairchild

Shirley Weburg, mother of Trudy (Weburg) Gibbs

Leon Bennett, brother of Roger Bennett

George W. Griswold, father of David Griswold

Clarabel Alred, mother of Emory Alred

Lois Purtill, mother of Patti Purtell

Scott Kellerhals, son of LInda (Schmidt) Kellerhals

Wendell Johnson, father of Diane Johnson



Clifton Brown, step-father of Marcia (Hill) Berry

Peggie Arnold, sister of Marcia (Hill) Berry

Dorothy Houston, mother of Vicki (Houston) Kaiser

Donald Quinter, father of Deb (Quinter) Burklund

Mabel Manzke, mother of Linda (Manzke) Yearsley

Art Schmidt, father of Linda (Schmidt) Kellerhals

Dick Anderson, father of Mark Anderson

Mike Stuckey, brother of Ann (Stuckey) Alt

Wanda Larson,  mother of Kitty (Larson) Anderson



Ginny Masteson, mother of Rick Masterson

Bud Peden, father of John Peden

Ed Morris, brother of Wes Morris

Troy Tweady, son of Greg Tweady

Olga Baquero, mother of Ines Baquero

Larry Niccum, brother of Keith Niccum



Arthur Haile, father of Eddie Haile

Ralph Schimanski, father of Rick Schimanski

Donna Meuser Murphy, sister of Bonnie (Meuser) Murphy

Vail Moore, father of Robert Moore

Shirley Johnson, mother of Diane Johnson

Gene Allen, father of Pam (Allen) Powell

Gerry Rodeen, brother of Becky (Rodeen) Prina

Coach Larry Smith



Gladys Niccum, mother of Keith Niccum

Ann Franzen, mother pf Patty (Franzen) Alred)

Mary Lou Anderson, sister of Pam (Marshall) Weller 

Lucille Schneider, mother of Skip Schneider

Bernice Swanson, mother of Dave Swanson

Dorthy Roy, mother of Karren Roy Bussey    



Kathryn Foster, mother of James Foster

Dawrin Roy, brother of Karren (Roy) Bussey

Evelyn Nuss, elementary school teacher at Clara Peterson

Linda Parsons, sister of Mark Parsons

Norm Henderson, high school coach and athletic director

Bill Hansen, brother of Peggy (Hansen) Warner